Welcome to the synergy of science, nature and technology. The SYNERGIC line is painstakingly crafted for those who prefer a terpene based " Oil Mix". Our stabilized terpene based formulations are derived from the same compounds one would naturally find in the plant buds and with the exception of our Naked mix, are strain inspired and unique. Our strain inspired mixes contain real, completely legal & THC free flower extracts, pure terpenes and natural flavonoids at realistic levels for a true full spectrum experience. Because our blends feature over 100 unique true source derived terpenes, SYNERGIC paves the way to the much sought after "Entourage Effect"! Other companies can't provide this with their two dimensional strain mixes which only feature a small range of a few key terpenes. For superior results, ultimate satisfaction and a true three dimensional experience, the choice is clear. Use SYNERGIC liquids by MAJIC Solutions. And if your desire is a completely flavorless viscosity modifier which will take on the flavor profile and nuances of your added concentrates try SYNERGIC Naked. 

  • Does not contain PG, VG, PEG or MCT
  • Natural ingredients
  • Well balanced realistic flavor
  • Ready to mix
  • Superior stability and shelf life
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