The worlds first and finest line of liquids specifically formulated for quick & easy DIY mixing of concentrates into a vaporizable liquid. PUFF MAJIC is our "E Mix" type of liquid and the resulting product is very similar to standard e-liquid vape juice. Our PUFF MAJIC liquids are used all around the world and allow you to discreetly enjoy your concentrates, waxes, shatters, oils or virtually any form of extract. With our flavorless MAJIC Naked, our terpene infused and strain inspired MAJIC Original, and our many other flavor infused blends, you will certainly find a product that is right for you. These products function properly in virtually any equipment designed for e-liquid and are excellent at masking the odors associated with vaporizing concentrates. PUFF MAJIC liquids produce a complete and true microemulsion for the most stable product available that wont separate like other inferior products.

  • Contains our proprietary USP graded glycol base
  • Available either Flavored or Flavorless
  • Masks odors, use almost anywhere!
  • Fast mixing
  • Superior stability and shelf life