MAJIC 102 - A Quick Introduction to Mixing

| A Quick Introduction to Mixing DIY Infused Liquid |



Items Needed:

  • Bottle of PUFF MAJIC or SYNERGIC
  • Concentrates
  • Mixing Container
  • Something to stir with
  • Pyrex baking dish or similar
  • Hot Water




PUFF MAJIC and SYNERGIC Liquid Mixers were developed to provide the end user a quick and easy method of mixing DIY Concentrate Infused Liquid suitable for vaporizing in popular E-Cig and Personal Vapor Devices. Our liquids puts you, the consumer, in full control! Our products offer you a source for the highest quality base liquids available for a reliable and pleasurable vape experience time after time. Our liquids are some of the smoothest, best tasting and most effective methods to vaporize concentrates in liquid form. Our proprietary blends are designed to enhance the flavor and effect of concentrates, extracts and oils.

You can mix individual tank fills or a whole bottle. Mixing your first batch of concentrate infused liquid can be done in about 5-10 minutes and you can generally be using the finished product in under 30 minutes. Just remember to give the wicking material in your tank 10-15 minutes of soak time before use.

For those seeking an all in one solution, we highly recommend our MIX LAB mixing kits. They contain everything you need to get started mixing our products in an all inclusive kit form.




Follow these simple steps and you will have a beautiful infused liquid in no time!


Step 1 -

 Prepare a warm water bath. This can be done by microwaving water to its boiling point in an appropriate container such as a Pyrex measuring container or baking dish. Use only a small amount of water, generally about 1/2" to 1" deep, just enough to submerge the portion of the container which contains your ingredients.

NOTE: WE DO NOT RECOMMEND MICROWAVING OUR LIQUIDS OR YOUR CONCENTRATES! It can be done but may potentially cause degradation due to the uneven heating process of microwaves. 


Step 2 -

Add your concentrate to a mixing container, seal the lid and place the container in the water bath. Several minutes in the bath will warm the concentrate and bring it to a soft workable consistency.


Step 3 - 

Add the desired amount of PUFF MAJIC or SYNERGIC to the mixing container. Allow to stand for approximately 10-15 seconds. Then, gently stir the concentrate and liquid mixer until the concentrate is dissolved completely* into the liquid. If not fully dissolved, follow step 4.

NOTE: The recommended PUFF MAJIC minimum mix ratio is  1 : 1  (Liquid : Concentrate) depending on your concentrate consistency and 2:1 may be necessary. The recommended SYNERGIC minimum mix ratio is  .5 : 1  (Liquid : Concentrate) depending on your concentrate consistency and 1:1 may be necessary.


Step 4 -  

Depending on concentrate type and quality, heat cycling of the ingredients may be necessary to fully combine the mix. If needed, reheat the water bath, install the lid again and set the mixing container and its contents in the water bath. With SYNERGIC we recommend short heat cycles of 60 seconds or less with stirring between heat cycles. PUFF MAJIC is a little more forgiving and can be left for several minutes. Repeat process until fully dissolved. 


Step 5 - 

Once fully dissolved, allow your mix to cool to room temperature. Check for proper viscosity or wax contamination using the tips below. If your batch of infused liquid is ready, fill your tank and enjoy!*




Allow your liquid to fully cool in the mixing container before filling your tank. If your liquid is overly thick at room temperature, gradually add more PUFF MAJIC or SYNERGIC until proper viscosity is achieved. Your desired consistency is something slightly thinner than honey.

Remember this:

Proper viscosity = Higher rate of delivery = Better hit & effect

Too thick = Poor flow = Burnt wick & weak hit 


Depending on the quality and type of your concentrate, some particulates may appear after mixing. Low grade or poorly produced concentrates generally contain high levels of insoluble plant fats and waxes which will provide no benefit and will decrease performance of your finished product. If a visible skin forms on top of the cooled liquid, your concentrates contain insoluble plant fats and waxes. These contaminates naturally float to the top and solidify when cooled. You can retrieve the wax free liquid from beneath this layer using a fill needle. If the wax levels are significant it is recommended that you use a Nano-Filter. When wax levels are excessive and not filtered from the mix, these particles will collect in the wicking material and on tank walls. Over time these undesirable particles can clog the wicking system and decrease the coils performance. 

Using MAJIC Nano-Filters - To filter using our Nano-Filters, load the liquid into a syringe, cap it and allow the product to chill in the refrigerator for approximately 30 minutes. The fats and waxes re-solidify and (along with any other impurities) can be easily filtered from the mix. After your liquid mix is cold, install Nano-Filter on the end of the filled syringe. If desired, a blunt fill needle may be installed on the output tip. Using light but steady pressure, force your liquid through the filter. Be patient and go slowly. There will be resistance due to the small micron size of the filter. Excessive pressure or forcefulness can damage the filter membrane compromising its effectiveness.



   *Please allow ample time (10-15 minutes) for your concentrate infused liquid to saturate the wicking material in your tank. If not, a burnt taste may occur.



Our liquids are not designed to be combined with off the shelf e-liquids. Those products are not compatible with concentrates and adding them to the mix will almost always cause separation or product stability issues. All MAJIC liquids are designed to be used as a stand alone product.