Terp Talk

Lets talk terpenes!

What are terpenes? Well, they are organic compounds produced by and found in a wide range of plants, living creatures and the world around us. They are responsible for the strong odors one would associate with certain things. They are what makes a tree smell like pine, a rose smell like a flower or an orange smell like citrus. They are also the molecular building blocks that when combined create the unique characteristics of cannabis and what differentiates the various strains from one another. These are the very specific cause for the vast variation of smell, taste and effect of cannabis plant strains and their flowers.These fantastic works of nature are the reason one might have the smell of pine while others have a strong citrus presence.

As the constituents of oils extracted from plants and flowers, they have been used in medicine for hundreds of years, as fragrances in perfumery, and in the many scented items you encounter in your daily life. In natural medicine, each terpene is widely know to have very specific effects on the human body. We're not going to dive into detail about individual effects as we don't sell isolated terpenes and the information is widely available on the internet. What we will discuss is why we feel you should trust Majic as your supplier for terpene diluents. Discerning professionals do! We are one of the countries largest suppliers of wholesale terpene blends for commercial cartridge production.

Terpenes sound wonderful right?

Well yes, but.... Please realize that great caution should be used when working with pure isolated terpenes and we do not recommend it. Proper use requires years of experience, education, and development to fully understand what they can do. Many are extremely volatile compounds, highly flammable and so aggressive on what they come in contact with that they can be dangerous if used or handled improperly. Please beware of the many inexperienced online terpene sellers offering these compounds for you to use with your cannabis extracts. Most unfortunately prey on the lack of knowledge that general public has in this field. A lot of them market terps as some sort of miracle additive. While they are quite miraculous, most of them are so potent that you need specialized equipment and large scale production to use them at an appropriate level or blend them accurately. Using them alone as a diluent for your extracts can produce catastrophic results that will taste terrible (like the soap at your granny's house), waste your money, or worse yet, has the potential to make you extremely ill if used incorrectly.

But here's the good news!

We at MAJIC Solutions are proud to present you with SYNERGIC, our line of terpene based liquid diluents specifically formulated for DIY purposes at a ready to use strengths. In it's simplest form is SYNERGIC Naked, our flavorless and odorless terpene mixer (yes, that's right, no flavor, no odor) that is ideal for use to properly adjust the viscosity of your extracts and preserve the natural characteristics of your additive. Beyond Naked, we have blends such as OG, Twisted, Loco. These mixes are strain inspired and will add the characteristics and flavors of the strain which inspired them. The beauty of these is that they are formulated at a ready to use strength so you get the proper levels necessary to recreate the intended strain experience with an accurate and pleasant flavor profile! Furthermore, with the exception of the Naked mix, our blends contain real full spectrum cannabis sourced terpenes (100% legal - THC & CBD free). There are over 100 different terpenes in each blend! Other products don't even compare. This is neccessary for a full, true experience and will allow you to experience the "entourage effect". SYNERGIC is a superior terpene based diluent and there is no other like it.

So why are our terpene products superior to other options out there?

Well, we have been studying, working with and manipulating terpene content since before almost every other company in our market segment even existed. Our understanding of these compounds stems from a time before "terpenes" was a buzz word or marketing gimmick, back in our early days when we were cultivating medicinal herbs. We obtained our working knowledge of terpenes back when we were still producing in-house extracts and oils. It was through these operations that we developed the worlds first DIY extract viscosity modifier (what we sell today as PUFF MAJIC Original) which is a hybrid glycol based product infused with real cannabis terpenes. It is this accumulation of knowledge and experience that is the basis of our pure terpene based SYNERGIC line. Our strain inspired blends are some of the most complete formulas available and made from the highest quality natural terpenes. Other companies are content selling you a ham fisted partial attempt at a strain recreation made from questionable source material. Its like someone trying to tell you sugar, water and Limonene is orange juice. Thats just crazy!

So if you are ready to try a terpene based product to create your own vaporizables please consider this.

Who do you trust?

A company like ours with experience in liquification and vaporization that surpasses every other out there. After all, we are the OG of DIY! MAJIC Solutions is the true pioneer of this segment with nearly a decade of verifiable history in liquification of concentrates and extracts and a staff with decades of experience beginning before the days of legalized acceptance.