About Us

| Our Roots Run Deep |


Born in the Pacific North West, made in the USA and enjoyed all around the world, MAJIC Solutions is the evolution of a concept started over a decade ago by our founder. As the world around us and the industry we service evolves at a lightning fast pace, please remember this. We are not another faceless corporation trying to make a fast buck off of the cultural shift towards acceptance. We grew this company to what we are today from the ground up. Quite literally! Our roots run deep and we are the originators, creators and pioneers of DIY concentrate infused vaporizable liquids.

Our company began as a legally licensed grower of medical cannabis in our home state. These were the early days, before the so called “Green Rush”, before dispensaries were a thing and definitely before recreational use was legalized anywhere. With the significant amount of patient interaction in those early years, primarily through a loose system of private clubs and collectives, we refined our product and processes to meet the wants and needs of our customers. A large void existed in the area of smoke free alternatives other than edibles or convection vaporizers and smoke free was what many of our medical segment customers were looking for. It was around this time that our founder began using e-cigarettes in place of smoking tobacco and became fascinated with the concept of substance delivery using a vaporized carrier liquid. That is when the basis of PUFF MAJIC was born. After a long period of careful research and development, consultation with medical and pharmaceutical professionals and patient feedback, we developed the formula now known as PUFF MAJIC Original. But back then, circa 2009 we were known as Puff Majic Vapor Co. and exclusively supplied our Original formula in a ready to use medical grade product through various outlets around the state of Oregon. Soon demand for our infused vaporizable liquid products exceeded our concentrate production capabilities and we began selling our base liquid to other producers. Because we had developed a clean and infinitely stable liquid product with superior function and shelf life, the product became very popular. Eventually we ceased all agricultural operations to focus solely on liquid development and production. By 2010 PUFF MAJIC Vapor Co. (later shortened to MAJIC Vapors for simplicity) was a liquid only operation with the vision to put the power of premium liquid production in the hands of the end user. Several years later we expanded beyond our home market in the NW, launched our first retail website and made our products available on a global scale. To date we have shipped product to happy customers in over 50 countries and little did we know we were planting the seed of revolution in the industry! Then in 2017 we decided to expand our offerings and utilize our ingredient inventory, production capabilities and years of R&D to take several of our internal projects to market. With this came the change to the name MAJIC Solutions, a name that signifies the broader range of products we now offer such as our SYNERGIC line of flavorless and strain inspired terpenes and our LIPHTED line of all-natural infusible lip balms.  

We are proud to unleash the power and freedom of making premium grade and superior quality concentrate infused goods at home. Using the MAJIC Solutions line of products, production supplies and methods will provide to you the means to quickly and easily accomplish your goal in a few simple steps and a minimal amount of time. We eliminate the guess work and disappointment of failed attempts with other inferior methods or products. Our philosophy, extensive experience and desire to always help others is what drives us to excellence. Furthermore, all MAJIC products contain only the world’s finest ingredients, are thoroughly and methodically tested long before they are released, produced with love and care by our seasoned and knowledgeable staff and packaged by hand using high end laboratory grade equipment. We pledge to always offer the highest quality and best functioning products available, to always provide you with prompt, knowledgeable and courteous customer support when needed and fast order processing with shipping daily Monday through Friday in discreet, nondescript packaging.

Whatever motivation you may have in exploring our offerings, be it the desire for a more discreet method or just an alternative to traditional methods, we thank you for your time and consideration and sincerely hope you enjoy our products!